Where Would We Be Without Family?

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Where Would We Be Without Family? (mp3)

A new song about the importance of family. 100% of the profits (mp3 and sheet music) from “Where Would We Be Without Family?” go to support pro-family work. Thank you for your purchase/donation!

Music and words by Sara Lyn Baril. Vocals by Nathan Osmond, Jennifer Marco and Benson Baril.

Produced by Greg Hansen. Mixed and mastered at Lakeview Recording Studio by Steven Lerud.

Guitars by Michael Dowdle
Percussion by Todd Sorensen
Keyboard by Sara Lyn Baril

Strings by Beverly Hansen and Janae Pew

Family image by Brooke Pehrson Photography

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I believe family is what makes the world go round. I believe in family first. I think most of us do. It's the basic unit of society and the institution that is responsible for so much happiness and stability in this world. It also goes without saying that the breakdown of the family is responsible for an equal amount of hurt, heartache and sorrow as well.

The institution of the family is under attack in the world. You don't have to look far to see it. Values and morals are deteriorating and many people are re-defining the family according to their own desires. This is affecting children and families everywhere and adds confusion and instability. I have recently immersed myself in information regarding world issues and government over-reaching policies that have opened my eyes to the accelerated destruction of the family. It is disturbing, to say the least. If the institution of the family is going to be saved, it's going to be through parents and families rising up to fight for what we believe in - taking an active part in defending freedoms and rights which protect children and parents. There are many toxic threats to the family, ideologies which undermine and diminish the importance of  the parent/child bond, betray childhood innocence and rob families of time, energy, money and security. We must protect sacred values which help children grow up safe, secure and protected from selfish agendas. Families provide that protective umbrella.

Where would we be 5

I want to spread awareness about the importance of family, the importance of standing up against anything that undermines the sanctity of marriage and family and to encourage us to open our doors to children and families who are struggling and less fortunate, because in reality, we are all part of God's family - brothers and sisters - children of our Heavenly Father. That is what I believe. We have a duty to help each other. We know it takes a village to raise a child. Let's strengthen the walls around that village. Let's make family first again. Home is where our story begins. Where would we be without family? Family comes in many forms, but regardless, family is everything and is definitely worth fighting for.

Where Would We Be Without Family?

Verse 1

A shelter from the storm,
A place that’s safe from harm
With loving arms that reach beyond our cares.
They are there to hold us tight
Through the ups and downs of life;
It’s something built, created, always there.


Where would we be without family,
Parents who love and teach and provide?
Every need of the child met beneath one safe roof;
Where peace in each heart can abide.
Where would we be? Where would be without family?

Verse 2

If the family bond’s not there,
We can gather round and share
With those who miss what family should bring.
For nobody stands alone
When we open heart and home
And take each hurting child beneath our wing.

Repeat Chorus

The heart of each home will beat steady and strong
When there’s kindness and love to be found.
With faith and with trust and in giving our all,
We will find it’s a place; it’s a place safe and sound.

Repeat Chorus

Where would we be? Where would be without family?

© 2016 by Sara Lyn Baril. All rights reserved.

3 reviews for Where Would We Be Without Family?

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Birdie Letendre

    Amazing!!!! Way to go Benson and Mom. I loved the words and demo song. Just beautiful.

    • Sara Lyn Baril

      Thank you!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    kati firth

    Beautiful! Sara you are so talented! I absolutly love what you do, and you hit the mark dead on again. Thank you again for making the world a better place with your music. Benson you did fabulous I am so excited to hear the the professional recording with all the “extras”

    • Sara Lyn Baril

      Thank you Kati!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carole Hudson

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

    • Sara Lyn Baril

      Thank you Carole! And Thank you so much for purchasing the song and for sharing about it on Facebook. 🙂

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