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Sometimes it's hard to understand why prayers don't seem to be answered; when there seems to be more no's than yes's and when it feels like righteous desires are ignored. I have had this happen. It's confusing, yet this is what I've learned.

One night, as I was pondering this concept, the thought occurred to me that trust and faith in the Lord is paramount and that it wasn't my place to direct the Lord as to what blessings He should send me. I felt that the blessings I sought, Father was very much aware of, but just like any loving parent, sometimes the answer is no, because there is a greater miracle in store. I'm still waiting, but I'm seeing beautiful blessings come in other ways and catching glimpses of a greater plan. The Lord has always been mindful of me. He has sent gifts that I didn't ask for, and miracles have come in other ways. It's actually better than what I hoped for - even though the challenges remain.

We are taught to "trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding." We are also taught that "my ways are not your ways, saith the Lord." I think those two scriptures gently remind us that God is in charge. And because He is all knowing, all powerful and kind, we can trust that even in our adversities, He is there to comfort and help us.

Sometimes in the miracle we seek, we find another miracle - the ability to trust and cast our burdens upon the Lord. Isn't that peace brought by the Savior's infinite Atonement a miracle in an of itself? The ability to say "Lord, please heal me, but if not, I will still have trust and remain faithful"? I think it's a miracle when we can remain calm in the storm. That is the miracle that Jesus Christ brings to us, if we have faith.

The night that this concept started to finally sink in was when the words to "Miracles For Me" came. No music that night. Just words. A few minutes later, I knew that this was a song that was meant for me and the specific trials I have experienced and the prayers I have offered that have been answered in other ways.

If you're going through something that is hard to understand, maybe these words will comfort you.

God is in charge and He loves us and knows our needs better than we do. And there is a plan that we all play a part in. When all is said and done, I look forward to the day when I can ask Him what the meaning of this and that was and how it all was woven into the great tapestry of His plan. Or maybe, if we seek it, He'll show us glimpses, even now, of what He is weaving and which thread is ours.

Miracles For Me

I read about the miracles
In ancient days gone by
Where pain, and death and sickness
Were changed to bring new life.
I hear in stories where He took
Their hopelessness and grief,
And with His power restored to them
Peace and sweet relief.

Can He do this for me?
Can He change the night to day,
And bind my wounds and heal me,
If I but have the faith?
I come to Him with an open heart
As I pray fervently
With all my trust in Him I ask
Are there miracles for me?

I’ve prayed to have a miracle.
So many days have passed.
I wonder if He hears me;
So many times I’ve asked.
Then answers come, yet sometimes aren’t
Exactly how I plead.
But when I’m still, I feel Him near
And He supplies my need.

He can do this for me.
He can change the night to day.
He binds my wounds and heals me
When I extend my faith
And then I learn that the miracles
Come as I willingly
Submit to Him and trust His plan
These are miracles for me.

With all my trust I understand
He has miracles for me.

Copyright © 2015 by Sara Lyn Baril. All rights reserved.

Miracles for Me is from the album "Come To Know Him"

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