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A song about forgiveness and coming unto Christ. From the album collection “Thy Healing Hands – Songs of Comfort and Peace”.

At His Feet

Let the past be in the past;
Let your heart find peace at last.
May the Lord’s love into your heart flow.
It has been so very long;
Let Him make right every wrong.
Cast your burdens on the Lord and let them go.

Come kneel at his feet
Find the rest you seek for
And let Jesus Christ
Heal each wound in your soul.
With renewed faith in Him
May the healing begin.
Something precious and sweet
Awaits at His feet.

At His feet they heard the words
Of the resurrected Lord,
And it pierced every heart who was there.
Like the witnesses who saw,
Touched His hands and feet with awe,
You can also feel His healing power through prayer.


Only angels in heaven can speak
What He’ll say when you kneel at His feet.

Wet His feet with your tears
Let Him comfort all your fears
For He knows every hurt, every pain.
Seek the Lord and you shall find
Perfect hope and peace of mind.
One day Jesus Christ, our Savior comes again.


One day Jesus you’ll meet
And fall at His feet.

Copyright © 2006 by Sara Lyn Baril. All rights reserved.

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