LIGHT the WORLD 2017

I was SO excited to hear that the LDS Church is doing the #LIGHTtheWORLD service campaign again for December 2017! Last year I was inspired by all of the posts about services rendered throughout the month of December, so I composed a song called "Light The World" to support it. I had no idea that the Church would be repeating the campaign again this year and that this song would make its way around the way it has. Thank you so much to those who are downloading Light The World sheet music and using it in different capacities! I wish I could be at all of your performances!

Evie Clair (2017 America's Got Talent finalist) and my son Benson collaborated in this professional recording and video of my song "LIGHT THE WORLD". It was a treasured experience to spend time with her family and such a highlight for Benson. It was so much more than just two 14 year old kids singing. These are kids who have been through a lot. Many people don't know this, but Benson has had some difficult health challenges throughout his life - things that he still battles, and with Evie losing her father in September to a battle with cancer, a trial that I can't even imagine for those five children and their dear mother, the spirit that was present in the recording brought me to tears many times. Their home was truly a reverent place. The creation of this recording and video taught me that no matter our circumstances, we can #LIGHTtheWORLD.  And they did.

A few other musical ways I am planning to light the world this year are:

1) 2 PK CD GIVE-AWAY (a PRE #LIGHTtheWORLD effort) 

I wanted to give away 100 CDs, but I wanted to do it in a creative way and involve others. I had this idea of gifting people who don't "download" or do the "digital media" thing. I'm thinking specifically of the lovely people in the manors and lodges who don't get out much, but still very much enjoy music; your great grandmother, the nice man down the street, or someone you know who doesn't listen to music on devices such as an iPod, but rather, still uses their CD players and could use a lift this Christmas.

I have a few boxes of these and I thought it would be fun to have gifts come from YOU as a complete surprise to someone you love and is on your mind - or maybe for someone who lives far away from you and who you would like to surprise.

I'm doing this through a draw of 50 people on a FB post (each comment on the post is an entry), who will then select someone to gift the two CDs to. I am covering the shipping costs and will wrap them up with a bow (that's where my kids come in and get to help #LIGHTtheWORLD as well!)

You can join in from now until December 1st on this FB post.

My box of little papers with names of "commenters" on the post is filling up and it will be fun to announce the 50 names who will help me light the world of 50 people.

THANK YOU for helping me find 50 homes for 100 CDs!

(click the poster to add your name!)

UPDATE 12/7/17 - the packages will be going out December 8th! They are all addressed and ready to go. My kids and I are just starting the wrapping of 50 CD packages!


Stream my 2 albums of Christ centred music from December 15-25th. I hope the music will inspire you to find ways to #LIGHTtheWORLD!



Download a free song each friday from now until Christmas HERE.



  1. Closer Than You Know (feat. April Meservy) Sara Lyn Baril 0:38
  2. I Will Remember Him (feat. Benson Baril) Sara Lyn Baril 0:43
  3. Unto The Lord (feat. Tammy Simister Robinson) Sara Lyn Baril 0:34
  4. Thy Healing Hands (feat. Rebecca Lopez) Sara Lyn Baril 0:47
  5. In The Lord's Time (feat. Sara Bethany Ham) Sara Lyn Baril 0:35
  6. Not Far From Home (feat. April Meservy) Sara Lyn Baril 0:48
  7. Come To Know Him (feat. Daniel Beck) Sara Lyn Baril 0:42
  8. Miracles For Me (feat. Sara Bethany Ham) Sara Lyn Baril 0:40
  9. At His Feet (feat. Rebecca Lopez) Sara Lyn Baril 0:42
  10. How Is It Done? (feat. Traci Ellingson & Jennifer Ehlert) Sara Lyn Baril 0:40
  11. Believe (feat. Julie Rose) Sara Lyn Baril 0:39